Kammarheit - Asleep And Well Hidden CD [2003] Cyclic Law

Now back in stock, the first "official" cd from this now well known Swedish master of Dark Ambient soundscapes. After a streak of cdrs and an apperance on the Nord Ambient Alliance compilation CD, Kammarheit offers us a unique album of tortured sonic landscapes taking us on an unsetteling journey through darkened dreams. Homogeneous dark ambiences combined with serene drones and put together as a shadowy collection of dreamy, melancholic soundscapes, Kammarheit forms images of long lost ruins, barren lands and gigantic, rumbling machines. "Asleep and well hidden" was created as a tool for dreamers, a place to flee to when the outside world comes too close. 2nd Repress of 500 copies comes in original 6 panel textured cardboard sleeve, without poster. 6 Tracks. Running time; 40:31.

Kammarheit - The Starwheel CD [2005] Cyclic Law

Reissue of Kammarheit's long sold out second album which has become a true classic in the Dark Ambient spheres. The Starwheel offers us an eloquent, more profound and highly personal album. The deeply serene drones and melancholic soundscapes are as always the main focus, but this time Pär Boström introduces an engulfing spiritual depth to his soundscapes. Here is a new glimpse of the world of Kammarheit, here's the second meditation. 2nd edition of 1000 copies in 4 panel Digipack, Remastered. 1st edition of 1000 copies in gatefold cardboard cd sleeve with poster. 8 Tracks. Running time; 46:06.

Kammarheit & Phelios - Of Dawn And Of Ice LP [2009] Loki Foundation/Power & Steel

The third part in the 12inch split series is bringing together for the first time on vinyl two highly respected ambient artists from Sweden and Germany. Ominous drones, wind swept atmospheres, melodic layers and majestic waves of sounds are underlayed by subtle textures and sonic environments from the deepest woods of the North. With this fine piece of vinyl KAMMARHEIT and PHELIOS are painting an epic picture about the gloomy haze of the dawn and the shimmering of icy landscapes. Limited to 333 copies. Mastered by Andreas Wahnmann.

unearthed kammarheit

Kammarheit - Unearthed 2000 - 2002 6CD Box Set/Book [2015] Cyclic Law

Finally, 15 years after it’s first inception, we’ve painstakingly gathered the very first self released recordings of Sweden’s Pär Boström amazing project. Kammarheit started in early 2000 after a field recording session in an abandoned factory. Inspired by the atmosphere of that special place the first album “Shockwork” was recorded that very same night and this marked the beginning of one of Dark Ambient’s most respected act. The awe felt from these first field recording ventures translated into a concise sonic vision. Over the course of the next 2 years, five more albums were to be recorded; “At The Heart Of Destruction”, “Among The Ruins”, “Somewhere Concealed”, “The Downfall And The Arising” and “The Northern Hymn”. These were not initially intended for official release, but created as a sleeping aid for Pär’s then incessant insomnia. With time these works were spread to close friends and contacts as very limited CD-R editions and have since been long sought after items. We’re proud to again present these historical works in a proper, deluxe format. All 6 albums were carefully remastered while keeping the original imperfections of some of the releases, keeping true to the original work. Edition of 800 copies in Cloth Bound Book 5.5" x 5" with silver foil lettering and a 12 pages booklet.

kammarheit the nest

Kammarheit - The Nest CD [2015] Cyclic Law

10 years after the now cult classic album “The Starwheel”, Kammarheit finally offers us brand new material of his most complex work yet. Pär Boström returns with his typical atmospheres that are both apocalyptic in vision and soothing to the soul, delivering a dense and compelling album of pure, awe-inspiring darkness and meditative ambience. With The Nest, Pär takes us on a subterranean journey through enormous halls of unfathomable depths, and with the new opus he demonstrates once again why he’s become one of the most respected artist in dark ambient. Edition of 800 copies in 4 panel Digipack. 9 Tracks. 48:00


kammarheit onyx

Kammarheit / Apocryphos / Atrium Carceri - Onyx CD [2015] Cryo Chamber

3 veteran producers in the genre, Apocryphos, Kammarheit & Atrium Carceri, collaborate on this behemoth of an album. Each utilizing each others strengths to bring forth a dark and emotional ride through distant memories. Onyx is a soundscape journey related to the reflection of dispirited memories and obscure sorrows felt by mankind. With the multitude of techniques used by each artist, it also reflects the rich history of the dark ambient genre and how it has progressed through the decades. The signature analogue darkness of gargantuan caves of Kammarheit is combined with the sacral and emotional layering of Apocryphos and the rhythmical bass throbbing and isolated pianos of Atrium Carceri. This album was created by cross linking 3 studios in Oregon (US), Pennsylvania (US) and Umeå(Sweden). It took over 3800 lines of studio notes to finalize the album.



The Cancelled Earth CD [2009] Cyclic Law

Pär Boström, the man behind the acclaimed project KAMMARHEIT offers us a new and unexpected entity under the name Cities Last Broadcast. The Cancelled Earth album is the result of almost a decade of sporadic field recordings mainly recorded in airports, train stations, various tunnels and under numerous bridges all greatly polished and turned into a refined mass of desolate ambience and subtle hypnosis all engulfed in Pär's legendary signature sound. Uniquely packaged in a gatefold book like format with rich and singular artwork made by Boström himself. Through Cities Last Broadcast the buildings themselves will gather to whisper about their inscrutable story. Edition of 1000 copies in gatefold A5 cardboard sleeve. 7 Tracks. Running Time: 47:60.


Nord Ambient Alliance CD [2002] Cyclic Law


Live Aktion 11/9 Klabböle Kraftverk 2002-2004  ‎2xCassette [2004]



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