2003: Kammarheit – Asleep And Well Hidden CD (cyclic law)

2005: Kammarheit – The Starwheel CD (cyclic law)

2009: Cities Last Broadcast – The Cancelled Earth CD (cyclic law)

2015: Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri, Apocryphos – Onyx CD (cryo chamber)

2015: Kammarheit – The Nest CD (cyclic law)

2015: Kammarheit – Unearthed 2000-2002 6CD Box-set (cyclic law)

2016: Cities Last Broadcast – The Humming Tapes CD (cryo chamber)

2016: Hymnambulae – Orgelhuset CD (hypnagoga press)

2016: Altarmang – Void MC, LP, CD (hypnagoga press, autarkeia, cyclic law)

2017: Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri, Apocryphos – Echo CD (cryo chamber)

2017: Bonini Bulga – Sealed MC (hypnagoga press)

2017: Cities Last Broadcast, Atrium Carceri – Black Corner Den CD, LP (cryo chamber)

2018: Cities Last Broadcast, Atrium Carceri, God Body Disconnect – Miles To Midnight CD, LP (cryo chamber)